About Us

About Harlee Elite

We have a passion to bring back the fun and enthusiasm towards swimming whether it be through technique development, competition, fitness, leisure or elite performance. 

With experienced and enthusiastic coaches on deck, we are proud to call ourselves a family orientated business who thrive on participation and personal goal achievements. 

We have had many successes of late, whether it be via the rocketing numbers of committed swimmers, with some travelling in excess of an hour to attend, or through the high caliber of local and international swimmers who have taken claim of numerous titles at National and state levels across all age groups.

We also supply scholarships to families to assist financially and promote healthy lifestyles + achievements through a strong social media platform. 

Harlee Elite want to not only to provide an opportunity for swimmers to strive to be their best at swimming but to enjoy the sport and have enjoyment by being apart of a team as well.

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